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Document Management

Enterprise Content Management

Through our applications, we help you manage information within your organization. Searching for documents stored in different locations, different applications and hidden within network directories can halt operations or lead to misinformed decisions. Using content management solutions enables your staff to perform a quick index or full-text search delivering the document along with all prior versions of the document.

We provide enterprise clients with solutions that help:

  • Simplify document review process
  • Centralize document repository
  • Improve document quality control
  • Access accurate document version
  • Enhance document audit history

Advanced Level Workflow

Never lose track of an order or important document again! Access documents electronically from anywhere in the world with a customized, secure workflow tailored to meet your business needs. We take time to understand your business and design something from scratch or can improve added functionality to your existing systems.

We help you keep your employees focused on important tasks instead of tedious workflows. Our custom solutions automate processes which can typically free up hours in a day for decision makers.

Features often include:

  • Integrated in-box alerts & summaries
  • Exception alerts when things are going wrong or are past-due
  • Automated reports and dashboard analysis tools for managers 
  • Group assignments
  • Detailed security features
  • Customizable workflow administration tool where you can build your own workflows
  • Distributed administration where group administrators can invite more people into their group as needs change

Scanning & Archiving

Many businesses choose to eliminate the expense of off-site storage through our scanning & archiving services.

At our secure location, our trusted staff scans in hard-copy documents and provides a variety of digitized formats based on your needs.  

We also provide back-office conversion services for organizations that want to digitize all of the paper documents for use with an electronic document management system.


  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Central Document Repository
  • Access correct and most current document versions
  • Document Audit History
  • Workflow Analysis & Design
  • Custom Workflow Software Development
  • Scanning & Archiving